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Getting to know Mr. Doyle

We did a little Q&A session with the district's three new principals.  Here, Mr. Doyle shares some information about himself, and some thoughts about the new school year.  Thanks, Mr. Doyle - we're happy to get to know you!


Dean Street Principal Ryan Doyle

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Ryan Doyle
Principal, Dean Street Elementary School

Tell us about your education and career. 

I received my education from Eastern Illinois University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in middle school education with a math concentration and a master’s in principal preparation from Concordia University. This is my ninth year in education and my first in District 200. I spent 6 years in District 47 in Crystal Lake teaching 7th grade math for 5 of those years and 8th grade math for one. I next served two years as an assistant principal in District 116 Round Lake at Village Elementary. 

What’s your philosophy of a principal’s role in education? 

Just as we want our teachers to create a safe, respectful, and engaging environment within their classrooms, a principal should do the same for their staff and school. The principal should learn and collaborate alongside staff — not out in front. A principal should be highly visible throughout the building. They need to be able to challenge staff to take risks and support them in professional growth. The final role of a principal is to bring students, families, and the community together to engage in the educational experience!

What excites you about working in District 200? 

There are so many things that excite me about working in D200. I think if I were to choose one, it has to be the people! During my short time here, have never been around a more helpful, caring, and dedicated group of individuals. They are all in it for the students and truly love what they do. I am blessed to be a part of the team and hope to be for many years to come! 

What should parents expect from you and your staff? 

Parents should expect myself and staff to be 100 percent dedicated to engaging their children in learning in a safe and respectful environment. They should expect us to support their children not only academically but also socially and emotionally. The lines of communication will always be open to share their child’s accomplishments. 

What should Dean Street students expect in 2018-2019? 

Our school theme at Dean Street is “The Power of Perseverance: We Never Give Up.” I believe it is important to instill grit in all students starting at an early age. Students who learn how to overcome obstacles, learn from their mistakes, and learn to never stop trying will be successful! Research supports the power of perseverance being a large indicator of success. No matter who we are, we all will face some sort of adversity in life … How respond to that adversity will define who we are!