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Veggie Week a success!

From March 18-22 we celebrated Vegetable Week at Verda Dierzen.  Each day was assigned a color of vegetable.  Students and staff were encouraged to wear that color and eat vegetables from that color family.

  • Monday - Red
  • Tuesdsay - Green
  • Wednesday - Yellow
  • Thursday - Orange
  • Friday - Rainbow Colors

We talked about the vegetables in each color palette, and the good effects that come from eating each color of vegetable. We even played vegetable games in gym.   

At the end of the week, teachers were asked who participated the most in class.  Those names were put in a drawing and the winners were awarded prizes.  Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all the parents who supported our efforts and encouraged their children to learn, explore, and try new varieties of healthy foods!
  • Jump ropes - Samantha and Abby
  • Ball - Maddy
  • Jewel gift card - Catherine

Principal Tricia Bogott with Veggie Week drawing winners       Principal Tricia Bogott with Veggie Week drawing winners