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Four D 200 teachers earn McHenry County Educator of the Year honors

Photos of four teachers

Four teachers from Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 earned recognition at the McHenry County Educator of the Year event May 11 in Crystal Lake.

The event is sponsored by Diana Hartmann, McHenry County Regional office of Education superintendent, to honor outstanding educators in a variety of roles working in schools across the county.

Shannon Laidig, a District 200 veteran teacher now teaching math at Creekside Middle School, received the highest honor at the overall McHenry County Educator of the Year. Laidig has also taught at the elementary level and as a teaching coach.

Hartmann said Laidig stood out among the 27 outstanding nominees for her ability to engage students. “Shanon Laidig has a welcoming classroom where every student is contributing, encouraged, and the social-emotional well being of every student is evident.”

In addition to the recognition, Laidig also received $1,000 to use in her classroom.

“We are fortunate to have so many outstanding educators in District 200 and Shanon Laidig is an example of one of our very best,” District 200 Superintendent Mike Moan said.

“Shannon connects with her students and creates fun, engaging and highly educational lessons on a daily basis. She works tirelessly to support her students in and out of the classroom.”

A total of 27 educators were nominated including nine who were honored with the McHenry County Educator of the Year designation in their respective categories.

The other designees each received $250 to spend in their classrooms. Other District 200 winners were as follows:


  • Lyndra Bastian - High School Educator of the Year. Bastian is the orchestra director at Woodstock High School and Creekside Middle School. 


  • Georgia Wicker - Early Career Educator of the Year. Wicker is a special education teacher at Dean Street Elementary School.


  • Kristine Princer - Preschool Educator of the Year. Princer is a pre-kindergarten teacher at Greenwood Elementary School.

"We're always extremely proud of our teaching staff, but this is a great honor for our district and for these individuals to get countywide recognition for their talent and dedication to students. They are all phenomenal teachers," Moan said.