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Illinois Report Card: District 200 literacy scores still soaring

Recently released Illinois School Report Card data confirms that Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 students have among the best literacy test scores in the area.

Photo of advance literacy classIllinois Assessment of Readiness testing shows that District 200 scores in literacy growth are the highest in McHenry County and the highest among similar demographic unit districts across northern Illinois with 56.2 percent of students reading at or above grade level.

Overall, District 200 students' literacy scores grew by 7 percentage points from last year and scores remained stable in math.

“While test scores are an important measuring stick and we believe in data-supported teaching approaches, our education staff and teachers truly believe in the potential of each and every student. That’s where we put our focus,” District 200 Superintendent Mike Moan said.

District 200 6th and 8th-grade students also topped McHenry County peers in literacy surpassing Huntley, Cary, and Crystal Lake among others. Those students also outperformed their peers in northern Illinois unit districts, including District 300, Belvidere and Moline, which have similar demographic characteristics.

Another positive trend from the data was that 8th grade literacy scores have well surpassed the pre-pandemic reading scores from 46.1 in  2019 to 56.3 in 2023.

While math growth scores were the highest in McHenry County, the growth score also remained steady since last year. Moan said he is confident in the recently adopted new math curriculum and new teaching strategies that are being implemented in the lower grades to improve student math competency.

Moan credited teachers and educators from all grade levels for the growth and student success across the district and said he is proud of how they continue to challenge themselves, each other, and District 200 students..

“All that truly matters is what our teachers do in the classroom with our students every day,” he said.

All of the Illinois 2023 School Report Card data can be found on this link.