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First Dual Degree class graduates in May 2023

Photo of 2023 Dual Degree graduates

The first graduates of Woodstock Community Unit School District 200’s Dual Degree program are set to receive their high school diplomas along with an associate’s degree through a partnership between the District and McHenry County Community College.


A total of 21 graduates from Woodstock and Woodstock North high schools have completed the rigorous academic requirements, many of whom will attend both high school and college graduation ceremonies over the same weekend of May 13 and 14.


“We’re extremely proud of our 2023 class of Dual Degree graduates who took advantage of this outstanding opportunity that put them in a great academic and financial position to further their schooling,” District 200 Superintendent Mike Moan said.


This year’s Dual Degree class, who enrolled as freshmen in 2019, earned an average of 69 college credits during high school through a combination of dual credit classes taught by accredited high school teachers and classes at MCC. In the fall, most of the students will enroll in four-year universities as juniors with their general education requirements behind them.


When comparing tuition costs at Illinois State University, for example, the average savings in tuition for Dual Degree graduates was $26,504 not including the cost of room and board.


Woodstock North Senior Marlen Diaz said her family was excited when first presented with the Dual Degree opportunity, which they knew would make college much more affordable for her family.


The daughter of immigrants earned a scholarship at DePaul University and her success in high school led to her acceptance in DePaul’s pre-law program. Diaz aspires to become an immigration attorney like the one who helped her parents become U.S. citizens.


“Woodstock North’s graduation is the evening of May 13, and I actually graduate from MCC at 10 a.m.that same day,” Diaz said. “That makes me feel proud of myself. All my family is coming.”


“I’m just happy that the financial burden is off my shoulders, and I don’t have to think about that,” she added.


Thomas Sieck, who is graduating from Woodstock High School, also earned a scholarship at Purdue University where he will study to become an actuary. 


“This program has offered me a head start in college, but it also looks really good on a college application,” Sieck said. 


Other graduates in this year’s Dual Degree class are going on to study at the University of Illinois, Loyola University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Iowa among others.The students also have a wide range of career aspirations from physicians, pilots or software engineers to teachers, firefighters, police officers and nurses.


There are now a total of 132 students enrolled in District 200’s Dual Degree program with more students added in each graduating class including 45 students in the Class of 2026.


Justin Smith, assistant superintendent for middle and high school education, said Dual Degree students aren’t the only ones who are benefitting from the increased dual credit offerings.


District 200 has also launched a 12 in 200 program encouraging high school students to accrue at least 12 college credits through Dual Credit or Advanced Placement courses. A total of 46 percent of this year’s graduating class from both high schools met or exceeded that goal.

Photo of Asst Principal Boland presenting awards to graduating seniors






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