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Updated school safety information from Superintendent Mike Moan

School Safety Update as of Dec. 14, 2021

Here is an update to the investigations on school safety issues that arose the week of Dec. 6. Both Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 and the Woodstock Police Department take school threats seriously as well as our responsibility to keep our buildings safe. 
In addition to this information, a video message from Superintendent Mike Moan was shared with all D200 families on Dec. 8. The video is available for viewing below.

  • On Dec. 13, a Woodstock High School student admitted to writing a threatening statement on a bathroom stall. The student had not been in school since the writing was discovered on Dec. 8 and is suspended indefinitely. The student faces the most extreme discipline possible including expulsion from school. Woodstock Police have charged the student with felony disorderly conduct related to the threat.
  • On Dec. 8, administrators investigated a social media statement made regarding Creekside and a statement written on a girls bathroom stall at Northwood Middle School. Woodstock Police investigated both matters and determined that there was no threat to the schools related to those statements.
  • Also on Dec. 8, school officials were made aware of a social media post sharing a threat from a non District 200 student. The threat was shared on social media and provided to school personnel from Woodstock North students. The Woodstock North administration worked with the Woodstock Police Department to investigate the threat and increased police and administration supervisor presence at the school. That same day a student also made school personnel aware of a look-alike weapon that another student had brought into school. Woodstock Police arrested the student, and the student faces the most severe school punishment possible. In our handbook bringing a look-alike weapon carries the same consequences as bringing a weapon, consequences which include expulsion from school.

We appreciate the cooperation from Woodstock Police and our students and staff members who help keep our buildings safe.


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