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Crosstown Challenge seeks sponsors

The Crosstown Challenge is back! This outstanding event will return to its more traditional format this coming year. This event is the main fundraiser for both the Woodstock North Booster Club and Woodstock High School Backers Club, who will coordinate and join efforts to work together, we hope you’ll consider supporting both school programs through this incredible singular event.

The Crosstown Challenge gets its name from two different challenges: one is the hometown rivalry between two great high schools; the other is the “challenge” for local businesses, organizations, and individuals to help raise funds that will support athletic programs on both sides of town.  The net proceeds are distributed equally to both schools’ booster organizations. As a sponsor, you and/or your business will be recognized and thanked in front of thousands of Woodstock residents at the Crosstown Challenge football game, which is scheduled for Friday, October 22, 2021, at Woodstock North High School.  Later, sponsors will also be recognized at the check presentation ceremony, which will be held at the crosstown boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball games on February 4, 2022, at Woodstock High School.  More information about this event will be sent to sponsors as the check presentation ceremony nears.

In an effort to build a strong foundation for our future student athletes, we are asking you to be one of our sponsors. As a community leader, your contribution will help with generating student scholarships, purchasing uniforms, updating equipment, and giving our student athletes an improved athletic experience through high quality sports programming.

But, to reach our goal, we truly need your support!  A minimum $500 donation is required to receive sponsor benefits, which we hope you will consider.  To be sure your sponsorship is listed on the event ticket, response forms and payment are due back to WNHS by Friday, August 13, 2021. Sponsorships received after this date will be listed on the banner that will be displayed at each school. If you are unable to return the form by this date, please call Tami Zinnen (WNHS Athletic Secretary) at 815-334-5700 or email to discuss your sponsorship for this year. 

Chris Kirkpatrick
WHS Athletic Director

Darrin Chonos
WHS Backers

Dave Rose
WNHS Athletic Director

Shauna Crabill
WNHS Boosters

Please click here to download sponsorship form