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D200 employees recognized for years of service

Almost 1200 total years of hard work were recognized recently at the District’s annual back-to-school kick-off meeting for all staff.  Fifty-eight staff members from all areas of the district were recognized and thanked for their contributions.  Special congratulations went to Jeff Bruns and Jodie Scott, who have been with D200 for 35 years; and Lou Ann Krejci, who is celebrating 40 years of district service. Please see below for photos and a listing of all who were honored. 

 Service Awards - 15 years, group 1    Service Awards - 15 years, group 2

15 Years, Group 1
Front row, L to R: Vicky Deutsch, Mary Engle, Tom Krieger
Middle row, L to R: Tracy Cubert, Margo Jacob, Kendra Puzzo, 
Jenna McCoy


15 Years, Group 2
Front row, L to R: Kelly Steele Kathryn MacAulay, Art Vallicelli
Back Row, L to R: Bernard Schmit, Lisa Terry, Lindsey Serpe,
Tami Robinette

15 Years, Not Pictured: Debbie Beattie, Robin Grover, Eleanor Lutz, Michelle Madsen, Kathleen Schweder, Kelly Smith


Service Awards - 20 years, group 1


Service Awards - 20 years, group 2

20 Years, Group 1
Front row, L to R: Steve Beard, Becky Goers, Jim Cooper,
Allison Fessler, Melinda Etnyre
Back row, L to R: Kelly Keppen, Cheryl Kremske, Eric Hardesty


20 Years, Group 2
Front row, L to R: Janine Weith, Melanie Meyers, Tedi Salas,
Maria Ocampo, Lisa Borchardt, Kristen Smith
Back row, L to R: Jason Laidig, Lori Tillman, Renee Simes

20 Years, Not Pictured:  Mary Hilger, Darlene Parr, Mary Savino

Service Awards - 25 years    Service Awards - 30 years

25 Years
Left to Right: Maggie Jensen, Marianne Hatch, Colleen Roth, Melinda Zingrone, Julie Wessel, Todd Clement

  30 Years
Left to Right: Deb Fuller, Sharon Kochan, Scott Wintersteen

25 Years, Not Pictured: Gene Boelter, Jackie Loehner, 
Karin Sasman

 Service Awards - 35 years  

Congratulations to Lou Ann Krejci,
on 40 years of dedicated service
District 200!

35 Years
Left to Right:  Jeff Bruns, Jodie Scott