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District welcomes new staff members

District 200 welcomed more that 30 new teachers and certified staff members for the new school year.  New staff gathered for meetings the week before school started; worked in their buildings; met with District administrative staff, and took a tour of the district. We’re happy to welcome these new members to our D200 community, and wish them all the best!

 VDELC new staff members

Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center

Front Row, Left to Right: Sarah Palsgrove, PreK; Alyssa Wienke, Occupational Therapist

Back Row, Left to Right: Assistant Principal Michelle Martin; Rebecca Floyd, Speech/Language Therapist; Brenda Saavedra, Kindergarten; Anna Fischer, Speech/Language Therapist; Katherine Cubert, Kindergarten; Stephanie Pimentel, PreK; Principal Tricia Bogott

 New staff at Dean Street Elementary

Dean Street Elementary School

Left to Right: Ximena Castillo, 3rd Grade; Saray Gonzalez Lopez, 4th/5th Grade; Meghan Meehan, 4th Grade; Barbara Brown, 2nd Grade; Wrenn Johnson, Special Education; Principal Ryan Doyle

New staff at Olson Elementary

Olson Elementary School

Left to Right: Sarah Emerson, 4th Grade; Principal Diana Frisbie

 New staff at Prairiewood Elementary

Prairiewood Elementary School

Left to Right: Marlen Ortiz, 1st Grade; Lisa Chaney, Special Education; Stephanie Bakakos, 4th Grade; Principal Jared Skorburg; Colleen Weinberger, Library; Taylor Whiston, 2nd Grade; Angela Curtis, 3rd Grade; Amanda Storer, Band

 New staff at Westwood Elementary

Westwood Elementary School

Left to Right: Jessica Backus, 1st Grade; Colleen Weinberger, Library; Principal Ryan Hart

New staff at Creekside MS

Creekside Middle School

Left to Right: Assistant Principal Francesca Favero; Bayza Senbetta, Science; Amanda Storer, Band; Principal Mike Wheatley

 New staff at Northwood MS

Northwood Middle School

Left to Right: Assistant Principal Jenn Spear; Jorie Karafa, Language Arts; Adriana Ortiz, Social Worker; Principal Bethany Hall

New staff at WHS

Woodstock High School

Left to Right: Assistant Principal Nichol Mangino; Mary Bummer, Spanish; Catherine Abraham, Speech/Language Therapist; Anthony Sigrist, Bilingual; Michelle Burgett, Science; Assistant Principal Matt Boland; Athletic Director Chris Kirkpatrick; Nick Aiello, Science; Principal Art Vallicelli

 New staff at WNHS

Woodstock North High School

Left to Right:
Assistant Principal Ed Weaver; Athletic Director Brady Stromquist; Julia Limpers, English; Principal Darlea Livengood; Assistant Principal Patrick Podgorski; John Sullivan, Social Studies

 New staff at Clay Academy

Clay Academy

Left to Right: Principal Dawn Cook; Catherine Abraham, Speech/Language Therapist