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Thank you, Food Services Staff!

We’ve talked about our healthcare heroes, and this week, we want to be sure to recognize another group of in-house heroes. An important part of good health is good nutrition, and this week is national Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week. 

Our children look forward to seeing their “lunch ladies” every day, and our Foods staff professionals respond with warmth, kindness and caring.  In “normal” times, they provide us all with education, information, and a huge variety of healthy, well-balanced meals. In these very “not at all normal” times, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to continue providing nutritious meals to our community. 

Thank you – to the entire D200 Food Services staff.  We are proud of our dedicated staff, and want you to know that you are greatly appreciated!

 Image of a T-shirt honoring child nutrition workers

Photo of Food Services staff unloading meals  

Apples being prepared for meal bags

 Bagged lunches on the truck, ready for distribution

 Food Services staff members outside serving meals

 Bagged lunches, ready for pick-up

The terrific work continues. If you need information about meals, please see the schedule below, or contact your school.

Graphic image of food distribution schedule for D200 families