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May 6 is National School Nurse Day!

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Happy National School Nurse Day to our District 200 nursing staff!

District 200 thanks all of our School Nurses on this national day of celebration!  We are grateful to our nurses for their outstanding work in helping students stay safe and healthy throughout the school year, and during this eLearning time period. 



Our nurses have stayed very busy during this eLearning time – sometimes visible, and often working in the background on many different things, including:

  • Infection control for the staff work days, and student supply pick-up
  • Working on our return to learn plan – preparing for schools to reopen in the fall using the CDC guidelines and waiting to see what comes from IDPH and the Governor's office
  • Participating in the weekly Health Department briefings as well as the State and Federal press briefings to stay up-to-date on the guidelines, to be an informed voice for the district and community overall
  • Continually reviewing the COVID-19 resource page for families, and making recommendations when updates are necessary
  • Developing educational videos centered around prevention and protective measures for all of our stakeholders
  • Helping to keep students engaged in learning by reaching out to students through their problem-solving teams, and joining in eLearning lessons at the lower levels
  • Working on health-related communication for families to close the end of the school year and prepare for next year
  • Attending IEP meetings scheduled during eLearning and working with many students and their families
  • Gathering health resources for our Lifeskills students, making those resources available to families, and reaching out to those families to check in on our students
  • Responding to families who have health concerns about themselves and their children and assisting them with accessing appropriate healthcare resources when requested
  • Distributing face coverings that were donated to the district – making them available to families, along with explaining the CDC guidelines for using them
  • Volunteering in the community to assist in many different capacities

Our nurses shared health tips for our students and families via video: 

Some images of D200 Nurses at work:

 Nurse sewing face masks

 D200 Nurses working during COVID eLearning period

 D200 School Nurse

 D200 Nurse with COVID face masks

 Employee bringing a box of healthcare supplies