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Illinois state mandate requires Oct. 15 deadline for health records

The Illinois State Board of Education requires that all children’s health records be complete by October 15 of each school year.  If a child’s records are not complete, parents/guardians should have received a letter from the school nurse explaining what is still needed.                        

It is an Illinois State Mandate – and not the local administration – that requires all health records to be in compliance by October 15th.  The state also requires that children be excluded from school after October 15 if health records are not complete; students will be excluded from school as of Monday, Oct 17, 2022. 

Any parent who is in need of information or assistance to complete this important requirement is urged to contact the School Nurse as soon as possible.  

If you need assistance in finding a healthcare facility for your child, please contact your school nurse and/or click here to visit the resources tab at:

District 200 School Nurses

Nancy Kreznor
FAX: 815-206-7914  

School Office: 815-338-8883

Westwood Elementary
Roxanne Tillman
FAX: 815-337-8175

School Office: 815-337-8173

Dean Street
Kelly Schnulle
FAX: 815-338-3089

School Office: 815-338-1133

Creekside Middle School
Carla Schrock
FAX: 815-206-3031

School Office: 815-337-5200

Greenwood Elementary
Denise Clark
FAX: 815-648-4808

School Office: 815-648-2606

Northwood Middle School
Nadine Grismer
FAX: 815-337-2150

School Office: 815-338-4900

Mary Endres Elementary
Karen Camp
FAX: 815-337-5765

School Office: 815-337-8177

Woodstock High School
Connie Happ
FAX: 815-334-0811

School Office: 815-338-4370

Olson Elementary
Jean Diamond  
FAX: 815-338-8142

School Office: 818-338-0473

Woodstock North High School
Jeni Butenschoen
FAX: 815-334-2125

School Office: 815-334-2100

Prairiewood Elementary
Taylor Vialpando
FAX: 815-206-0479

School Office: 815-337-5300 

Janna Sankey
FAX: 815-337-2140

School Office: 815-337-2529