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Senior attends UN Entrepreneurship summit for women

A Woodstock High School senior said she was inspired by her visit to the United Nations for the annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit in New York City on the weekend of Nov. 15.

Photo of Destiny Flores Destiny Flores was chosen by business teacher Dustin Smith to attend the conference as a guest of Jen Soulé, president of Woodstock-based OWC. The Mac and PC technology firm brought two young women to the summit from Woodstock and Austin, Texas where the company has another office.

“It was amazing. There was a lot going on. I’d never been to New York before. It was very busy and everyone was very professional, but I felt like I fit in with that business environment,” Flores said. “I met a lot of really good people.”

Destiny said she learned a great deal from panel discussions on things such as microloans, women in technology and how to properly invest.

“It was good to hear that these very successful women felt like even young girls like myself are something that’s worth investing in because we’re able to use both our decision-making skills and also see the emotional side of things — not just the numbers.”

She said Soulé, who was on a panel to discuss female entrepreneurs in the technology industry,   was very inspiring as a powerful woman in a smaller town like Woodstock who overcame perceptions about women in these leadership roles.

"Women across the globe are statistically the world's most responsible borrowers, paying back micro business loans at a rate of 97%, and they put 90% of their earnings into providing for their families and their children's education,” Soulé said. “

“We are honored to take part in this event, to continue to support the advancement of women globally, and to be able to bring a few inventive young women with us to New York, as they will be the next generation to take on the mantle of making a difference worldwide."

Smith said Destiny was an excellent student in his INCubator class and an obvious choice for the summit because of her drive, passion and love of networking.

“Destiny was the first one who came to mind. She’s really passionate about women entrepreneurs,” he said. “She’s extremely passionate about business. She’s probably taken every business class we have to offer.”

Destiny said she hopes to attend Illinois State University next fall and major in business administration with a minor in art history. Her entrepreneur dream is to someday open her own art gallery.