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Chromebook Replacement Program

Starting this school year, we will be providing chromebooks for our students in grades 9 and 10.  These devices are critical tools that the students will use to demonstrate their learning in ways that were not even possible a few years ago.  It is very exciting! However, with the device comes responsibility for its safekeeping. We know that accidents happen and, because of that, we are offering an optional Chromebook Replacement Program.  

The program costs $30 per student.  This is an optional program that is open to all students who receive a device.  The program will cover accidents related to chromebooks that are damaged, including any repair costs up to replacement of the device, if necessary. If you are not a part of the program and your child’s chromebook is damaged, you will be required to pay the total cost for repairs or replacement (up to $325 per event.) 

To make a payment, please CLICK HERE and select the option for "Miscellaneous Payment" and then in the description section state "Chromebook Replacement Plan. Please call 815.206.2266 if you have any questions.