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NMS Band Director to perform in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

NWMS Band Director Katy HolubNorthwood Middle School’s band director will once again perform before a national television audience — this time in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Katy Holub, also a 2016 graduate of Woodstock High School, performed two years ago at the Rose Bowl Parade alongside other school band directors through the Michael D. Sewell Memorial Foundation.

“That experience — it was fabulous. The amount that you learn, the pride that you take in what you’re doing is immense,” Holub said.

The percussionist had never been in a marching band before in high school or in college at Illinois Wesleyan University, although she had some exposure to them while student teaching.

She learned about the Saluting Band Directors parade opportunity through a friend and auditioned for the Rose Bowl spot as she did again this year to earn a place among 400 school band directors from across the country for the Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.

“I thought why not go do it now and develop my professional skills a bit more while also having a good time doing it.”

Holub says she enjoys sharing photos, videos and messages from band directors from across the country with her students.

“I show them how music leads you to so many places. You’re able to meet so many connections and do so many great, positive things in your life with it. That is the big concept that I bring home to them.”

The Michael D. Sewell Memorial Foundation, based in Pickerington, Ohio, was created to recognize and carry on the work of the late Mike Sewell, who dedicated his life to the school and community music programs in the Central Ohio area for almost 40 years.  

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air from 8:30 am until noon on Thanksgiving Day. Holub is performing in the cymbal line of the Saluting Band Directors entry.