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Papa Murphy Fundraiser!

We like pizza, yes we do!

We like pizza, how 'bout you? 

Northwood has challenged Creekside to a Papa Murphy's pizza fundraiser!

How this works: 

Northwood has challenged Creekside to have 2 Papa Murphy's fundraisers. Whichever school earns more money is the CROSSTOWN WINNER!! Additionally, the principal and assistant principal at the school who isn't the winner will wear the other schools spirit wear!! We don't want Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Spear to wear CMS gear!!

NMS 2nd fundraising date is Monday, February 18th!! No flyer is needed!! They will donate 15% of the total sales that day of in store orders or 20% of online orders!! 

The winner will be announced at the Girls Basketball Crosstown Game on February 21st at Woodstock North!!