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Building Vocabulary With Your Children

Building Vocabulary With Your Children - A large vocabulary can turn your child into a better reader & writer.  Try these everyday ways to help them learn new words.

Keep your ears open:  When you & your child go places, point out the words that people use.  Maybe a waiter describes an “entree” or the dentist talks about “molars”.  Encourage your child to figure out what the words mean by the way they’re used.  

Go beyond nouns:  Help your child add adjectives and verbs to their vocabulary.  Sports & games offer opportunities to use action words. Let your child hear you comment on the softball that “soars” or the runner who “sprints”.  When they send thank you notes or greeting cards, suggest descriptive words (a “polka-dotted shirt”, a “fantastic birthday”).

Find new words at the library:  Turn vocabulary into a family outing by heading over to the Woodstock Public Library.  Ask the librarians for help while you’re there because they are always more than willing to help!