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Wondering about birthday celebrations at school?

Birthdays are exciting for our students.  It is another opportunity for each student to have a few special moments of recognition during the school day. As a society we have always associated celebrations and birthdays with cake, cupcakes, and cookies, however many of our students do not eat these special treats because of severe allergies and/or dietary restrictions.  We are asking families to save those special treats and the decisions about partaking in them for their own home. Therefore, we will not allow the distribution of cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. as birthday treats in school.  A list of alternative “treat” ideas for parents to consider is included below.  Please remember, students are not required to celebrate their birthday at school and bringing in a “treat” is certainly not a requirement for birthday recognition.

Birthday Recognition Ideas:

  • Donate a book to the classroom library or to the school library for all to enjoy (we will add the child’s name on the inside cover of the book)
  • Sharing a favorite book with the class as a read-aloud
  • Stickers or pencils for all students in the class
  • Healthy snack (examples: Gogurt, string cheese, fruit, pretzels, carrot sticks, celery sticks, rice cakes)
  • Sharing a child’s artwork
  • Sharing a child’s own written story
  • Sharing family pictures or something special
  • Miscellaneous school supply items

Invitations:  Birthday party invitations can be handed out at school only if all students in the class are invited.

Thank you for your support!