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Spanish Tutors

Spanish Tutors - One of the most common questions we get from English-speaking parents & Spanish speaking parents whose kids are in dual or even monolingual is, “What are some ways I can support my child in their Spanish skills when I don’t know Spanish very well myself?”  Though there are many ways to support their Spanish development (see this link for some quick & easy resources & this link for an English presentation on this topic from our Dual Language Parent Night), one of the most powerful ways is through the use of a Spanish tutor.  Are you looking for a tutor to help your student with Spanish? We get this request frequently from parents so here is a list of teachers who have shown interest in being Spanish tutors.  The compensation and schedule are established between you and the teacher.

*Vanessa Velázquez (VDELC)  -

*Raúl Pereira (CMS)  -

*Luis Ardon (NWMS)  -

*Cristina Aguilar (MEES) K-2 Only  - or

* Michelle Stilling (District)  -

*Iván Cisneros (PWES)  -