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May Character Focus - RESPECT

Words are a powerful tool for teaching and showing respect. Here are a few ways you can use your words to build respect with your children, especially when your child lashes out with an angry outburst or an unkind statement:

Here are a couple of phrases that can help us do that:

1. "You sound upset and angry..."
Responding to a child's back talk with empathy is probably the most effective tactic you can use. You have now just given them the vocabulary words they need to tell you how they feel. It can calm kids down pretty quickly so that the can think straight. It is also an invitation to start a conversation as to what is really bothering them.

2. "Listen I know you're upset, but can you say that respectfully..."
Empathy and a gentle reminder to be respectful can work wonders with kids who are a little more savvy and have been taught how to be respectful and voice their concerns in a reasonable manner.