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February Focus - KINDNESS

During the month of February we will talk with students about the importance of showing kindness to others and we will recognize students who show KINDNESS at school.

As parents and teachers, one of our greatest hopes is that our children will be kind and good people. When they have a choice to help others, we hope they will. We don't want them to be cruel, intolerant, or judgmental. Modeling kindness and guiding our children to choose kindness can help them learn and live this value. Here are a few ideas for home:

  • Share stories of kindness (in books, movies, real life).
  • Smile! The simple act of smiling can spread the warmth of kindness far and wide.
  • Take turns giving genuine compliments - set a goal to give at least one per day.
  • Practice "random acts of kindness". Random acts of kindness can be anything that will make someone's day a little brighter. They don't even have to know who did it.
  • Volunteer - Involving kids in volunteer work teaches them that it feels good to be helpful