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Chromebook Reminders

Students in grades 2nd - 5th are permitted to bring their chromebooks home to complete school assignments and/or to use the device for learning activities. With this comes responsibilities for appropriate use and care. Please review the following with your child

  • Chromebooks are the property of D200 and should be used for school purposes only.

  • Students are responsible for any damage to their device. This must be reported to staff as soon as possible.

  • Students will have clean, dry hands and work on a flat surface, such as a sturdy table.

  • Students will work in an area free from all food or drink items.

  • Students will work in the view of a supervising adult. 

  • When a student moves from one work space to another, the screen should remain closed.

  • Students will use only lint-free, microfiber wipes when cleaning the Chromebook screen and keyboard.

  • Students will keep their charger at home and should charge their Chromebook only when the battery life is 30% or less.

  • Students will log out and shut down when not working on the Chromebook.

  • Students will transport the Chromebook to and from school in their Bump case.

Many families have purchased the $30 Chromebook Replacement Plan which covers the cost incurred due to damage or misuse. If this is something you would like to consider, please contact the school office.

**Headphones Reminder -  Please make certain your child has a pair of working headphones at school. If he/she needs a pair, they can buy them from the school office for $5.