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When the weather conditions are too wet and/or when the temperature "feels like temperature" is below zero degrees, students will stay indoors for recess. So what does that mean?

Monday ~ Wednesday ~ Thursday: After lunch, students go to the Band/Orchestra room where they are supervised by our 3 Noon Supervisors. In this room we have an assortment of games and activities including Battleship, checkers, Legos, Jenga, blocks, white boards and coloring sheets, and decks of cards. Students enjoy time with grade level peers and at the end of the 20 minute recess they line up to return to their classrooms. Our 2nd - 5th graders are given the option to bring an independent reading book on these days. Those who choose to read are permitted to sit quietly in the hallway with their books.

Tuesday ~ Friday (Band/Orchestra Room is in use): After lunch, students go to the gym where they are supervised by our 3 Noon Supervisors. Students will sit around the perimeter of the gym and will be encouraged to use the games and activities available to them on the "Indoor Recess Cart". Activities include Giant Jenga, Checkers and Chess, books (Jokes and Riddles), Coloring Sheets, white boards and markers, Decks of playing cards, and more. We will continue to add to the items available.

Whenever possible we will have recess outdoors. Remind your children to bring snow pants, coats, hats, gloves, and warm boots!