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Fifth grade students and families – it’s time to sign up for Band!

Welcome to the Woodstock District 200 band program! Our elementary directors are excited to be recruiting a new crop of 5th grade students, and encourage 5th graders and their families to take a look at our great program. Playing an instrument is a lot of fun, and there are so many to choose from in band. 

No prior musical knowledge is needed.  Students will learn they need to know to be successful.  Fifth graders have seen the instruments in action, and have begun (or will begin soon) the process of trying the instruments, before making their selections. 

In band, students will work as individuals, and as a team. They will explore music through performing songs, writing music, playing Kahoot review games, using Flipgrid, performing concerts, plus so much more.  Students will also learn about discipline, responsibility, commitment, and teamwork; and discover hidden abilities and talents, and enjoy the experience of performing music and being a part of a team where everyone plays an important role.   

Visit the D200 Elementary Band Program website to see a slideshow about how band in D200 works; and a video of “D200 band students in action.” The website also has links to the registration handbooks, plus many other band resources.

Our elementary band directors are:

Mrs. Debbie Schweihs – 
[Dean Street, Greenwood, Mary Endres, Westwood, Olson]


Mrs. Amanda Storer –
[Prairiewood and Creekside]

Instrument Rental meetings will be held as follows:

Westwood, Dean Street, Olson & Prairiewood Families

  • Saturday, Sept. 14 ● 9:00-11:30am ● WHS South Street Entrance OR
  • Monday, Sept. 16 ● 4:00-7:30pm ● Creekside Band Room

Greenwood & Mary Endres Families

  • Saturday, Sept. 14 ● 9:00-11:30am ● WHS South Street Entrance OR
  • Wednesday, Sept. 18 ● 4:00-7:30pm ● Northwood Band Room

(Families who selected rental times on their registration form will receive a letter the week before the meeting with one of your times.  If you need to know earlier, contact Mrs. Schweihs or Mrs. Storer.)

Meeting times are by appointment, and divided to help keep the lines shorter.  You are, however, welcome to attend whichever meeting works better for you.  Don’t be afraid to ask! If you are not able to attend your scheduled meeting, please just come when you can.  All students will need a good quality instrument, a “Sound Innovations” book 1 for their instrument, and a few items (reeds, oil, grease, etc.) depending on the instrument. 

Feel free to reach out to either Mrs. Schweihs or Mrs. Storer with any questions.