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Greenwood returning to bottled water following lab test

Greenwood Elementary School received notice Jan. 14 from a water testing laboratory that school’s well again tested above the recommended standard for arsenic in a public drinking water system. School staff will implement the same measures taken in December.

School officials have not been contacted by the Illinois Department of Public Health but are proactively making this decision based on results from the District's laboratory vendor showing an arsenic level at 17 parts per billion. Once again, the recommended level for arsenic in a public well is 10 parts per billion.

Drinking fountains will be turned off. Bottled water stations have been in place at Greenwood since December and will be the sole source of drinking water onsite. Well water will also not be used for food preparation.

Since the water issue arose in December, school officials took a more aggressive approach to well testing and will continue to monitor the well at frequent intervals. Water will not be turned on again until there have been multiple tests showing that the water is consistently below the recommended level for arsenic contamination.