October 16, 2020 Message from Dr. Moan Regarding Health Metrics

  • Dear District 200 Families: 

    When the Board of Education adopted the recommended COVID-19 metrics from the McHenry County Department of Public Health, it agreed to follow the recommendations on the metrics. The metrics state that we will only move to the next phase of instruction if all four metrics are met for the week. Today, according to the Health Department, we do not meet all of the metrics to return to school. Because of these metrics we will stay in remote learning next week.  

    According to the COVID-19 metrics provided by the McHenry County Department of Public Health, we do not meet the metric for Weekly Count of New Cases Increase.  This metric is up for the prior two weeks and in fact it is up 51% for all of McHenry County residents for the last week and up 42% for school age children in the last week.  These significant increases caused the metric to not meet the goal to move to hybrid instruction.  We will check the metrics again on Friday, October 23 and if all four metrics are positive we will begin our return to school plan on Monday, October 26.   

    On Monday, October 19, students will remain in remote learning. Today you will receive a message with specific information on the schedule for the grade level your student attends.   

    We know many will be disappointed with this outcome, but we’ve committed to relying on the expertise of our local health officials to interpret the COVID-19 data in our community which we cannot control.  I want our students to return to school but as a district we have committed to following the lead of our local health care experts.  When we are able to meet the metrics set by our local officials we will return to school.   

    I know what a difficult time this is for our students and our families.  I wish this was better news and that we were returning to school next week.  I know the sacrifices that so many of our families are making in these difficult times and we appreciate all of your dedication and perseverance through the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will continue to work to meet the needs of our students through remote learning and continue to plan for the safe return of our students to our schools.   

    We appreciate your patience, support, even your frustration, which we all share. In the meantime, we hope everyone will continue doing his or her part to keep this virus from spreading by taking all necessary precautions so we can return our schools and our community closer to normalcy as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Mike Moan