• AP Accommodation information has been released. To date, any student previously approved for accommodations will receive them. More details can be found by logging into College Board, however general details can be found below:

    • To check the details of a student's approved accommodation, parents or students can sign in to the Big Future site using the username and password for the student's College Board account.

    • This year only, students approved for an accommodation such as a reader or scribe may be assisted by a family or household member while testing. Review the criteria for readers and writers.

    • Supports for temporary medical conditions: A student who has a temporary medical or physical condition (e.g., a broken hand) may request temporary assistance if it's needed to complete the exam. This process should be used only for students who don't have a disability but who need support during the test due to a temporary physical/medical condition. 

    • Waiving accommodations: If a student wants to forgo College Board–approved accommodations on AP Exams, they must notify the College Board SSD office by email no later than April 24, 2020. The email must include SSD AP Accommodations Opt Out in the subject line; the student's full name, school, AP ID, and SSD number; the AP Exam they are taking; and the accommodation they want to waive. 

    For more detailed information, please use this link (