What is 12 in 200?

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    The 12 in 200 initiative encourages District 200 high school students to earn 12 college credits prior to high school graduation. The opportunity to earn college credits is available to all students who successfully complete Dual Credit (DC) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

    At District 200, we are committed to providing a large breadth of advanced courses to help students define their passion for learning while challenging students to explore different college and career pathways.  

Where do I start?

  • Participating in college-level coursework is an important decision and should involve a conversation between students, parents or"12 in 200 Earn college credits in high school" 
    guardians, and high school counselors.

    • Talk with your parent/guardian.
    • Make an appointment with your counselor.
    • Consider whether the course is right for your career path.
    • Create a specific 4-year plan during the Fall of your 9th-grade year to develop a pathway to earn your 12 credits.
    • Use College Board’s “AP College Credit Policy Search” to determine how your AP course will transfer to potential colleges and universities:
    • Contact McHenry County College Advising and Transfer Center:

    WHS Counseling Office:
    WNHS Counseling Office: 

How much does this program cost?

  • The cost to enroll in a Dual Credit course is included in the high school registration fee. However, individual course fees may apply.

    The cost to enroll in an AP course is included in the high school registration fee. The fee to take an AP exam is $94 per course, and $142 for AP Seminar and Research courses.

What is the difference between AP and Dual Credit?

  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous college-level courses offered through the College Board at either WHS or WNHS.  When a student successfully passes an AP exam with a score of 3, 4, or 5 they may have the ability to earn transferable college credit.

    Dual Credit  (DC) courses are McHenry County College (MCC) courses that are offered at WHS and WNHS.  When a student completes a Dual Credit course, they earn both high school and college level credit for the same course. 

    Individual colleges and university have the discretion to allow or deny credit for AP or DC courses. It is highly recommended that all  students contact any college or university they are interested in to learn about their credit acceptance policy.

Dual Credit FAQs

  • What is Dual Credit?

  • Can I drop a Dual Credit course?

  • How do we sign up for a Dual Credit course?

  • Application Process:

  • Will my Dual Credit course transfer to other colleges?

  • What does IAI stand for?

  • Does it cost extra to enroll in Dual Credit classes?

  • Is there an impact on financial aid if I don't do well in the class?

  • Will taking a Dual Credit class impact my college status (admissions and scholarships)?

  • If I have taken a Dual Credit course, do I still need to apply to McHenry County College if I want to go there after high school?

  • How do I get my McHenry County College transcript?

Dual Credit Courses in District 200

AP Courses in District 200