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    The Dual Degree Program is an early college program created through a collaborative partnership between McHenry County College (MCC) and Woodstock Community Unit School District 200.  The program provides academically motivated students enrolled in District 200 an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree simultaneously. During their four years of school, students will take a combination of Dual Credit courses offered through District 200 at each high school and MCC courses offered at the McHenry County College campus.

    Students apply and are selected for this program during the 1st semester of 9th grade.


    Feb. 15, 2024 Dual Degree Newsletter with information about graduation and Summer 2024 classes.

Resources for Dual Degree Families

  • Frequently asked questions for this summer:

    • Class of 2027
      • June 3-13, 2024 (Scheduled Online)
        • MCC 101 (Monday & Wednesday 8 am-10 am)
        • PDV 110 (Tuesday & Thursday 8a m-10 am)
      • June 17-27, 2024 (Flexible Online) 
        • MCC 101
        • PDV 110
    • Class of 2026 
      • Most students are taking ART 150-Humanities Through the Arts (Flexible Online)
      • June 10-August 2, 2024 
    • Class of 2025 
      • Students are taking a variety of MCC classes.
      • D200 classes: June 3-27 (see details in the 2024 Summer School Brochure) - watch for communication from the teacher near June 1.

    How do I get help if I'm struggling to log into MyMCC through www.mchenry.edu?

    How do I find my MCC ID number?

    • Under your profile picture in MyMCC (MyMCC → Self Service → username in upper right-hand corner). 

    How do I find my class dates, times, information, etc.?

    • In MyMCC → Self Service → Student Planning → Plan your Degree & Register for Classes → Go to Plan & Schedule (make sure to change the setting to "summer")
    • On MCC's Canvas page - a few days before class
    • Be sure to look at the link to the Bookstore or your syllabus to find out what books to purchase before class begins.

    How do I communicate with a professor? - Through MCC's Canvas Inbox

    How do I pay my Dual Degree fees? 

    • D200 will bill your family for 1/3 of the tuition fee for each MCC class (do NOT pay MCC directly).
    • District 200 will not bill you until after we get billed from MCC, so usually at the end of the course.
    • The only fee you pay directly to MCC is $25 per Dual Credit class (NOT the classes you take through MCC).

    What are the requirements for an Associate degree? Here is a link for the Associate of Arts  and the Associate of Science degree. 

    How do I find my individual 4-Year Plan? You can reference your Plan of Study and MCC Credit Evaluation (search for Plan of Study in your Google Drive) as well as MCC's AP Credit Policy and the D200 Curriculum Guide to see how D200's Dual Credit classes match with MCC classes (see pages 7 & 8).

    How do I send my AP test scores to MCC so I make sure I get credit for those exams? Go into your AP Classroom and select MCC for your free AP score submission. This can be updated until June 20, 2024.

    How do I find information about my D200 Summer School class? Check out the details in the D200 Summer School Brochure and watch your email for updates.  

Dual Degree Program Orientation

Student Application Process 2023 (Class of 2027)

  • The ideal candidate for the Dual Degree Program is a student who has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to their academics. In order to qualify for some of the coursework, students will need to take placement tests in English and math. Due to the nature of those placement tests, it is recommended that students be enrolled in Geometry, or show a strong proficiency in Algebra I, during their Freshman year. If you have questions about whether or not this is a good fit, students and families are encouraged to meet with their high school counselor. To hear directly from our students about their experience in the Dual Degree Program, please click here.

    Dual Degree process:  Please be sure to fill out all of the following forms. If all forms are not completed, the application will be considered incomplete. The application window will be open from October 12, 2023 until 5:00 p.m. on November 12, 2023.


    • Step 3:  Review of applications by Counselors and Administrators 

    • Step 4:  Notification of who was accepted into the program — Mailed by Nov. 14, 2023

    • Step 5:  Orientation for the Dual Degree participants and families — Dec. 5, 2023


    Please contact Shannon Landwehr with any questions.

    Shannon Landwehr
    Director of School Counseling / Dual Degree Counselor


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