Westwood Elementary Staff

    • To email a staff member, see their email address in the far right column. 
    • To call a staff member, their direct line is listed in column 3 to the right of their name. 
      • However, if you are calling about a change in after school procedures, pick-up, or other time sensitive items that need to be communicated before the end of the school day, please call the main office.  Our teachers will check their voicemails & respond within 48 hours unless special circumstances arise, such as staff absences.
    • We have set up our phone system so that all direct Westwood staff phone numbers listed below will go straight to voicemail during the school day (between 7:20am-2:00pm) since we don't want our instructional time interrupted by outside phone calls.  So when trying to call a teacher, please call either before 7:20am or after 2:00pm.
    • You can call our main office at 815-337-8173 at any time during the school day.  




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    Administration & Office

    Ryan Hart Principal 815.206.7740   rhart@wcusd200.org

    Rita Caywood

    Secretary to the Principal 815.337.8173   rcaywood@wcusd200.org

    Mayra Carbajal Cruz

    Secretary 815.337.8173   mcruz@wcusd200.org

    Roxane Tillman




    1st Grade


    Jessica Backus

    1st Grade 

    815.206.7705   jbackus@wcusd200.org
    Giovanni Moran

    1st Grade Dual Language (Spanish)

    815.206.7706   gmoran@wcusd200.org
    Laura Brown 1st Grade Dual Language (English)



    2nd Grade

    Taylor Doerrfeld 2nd Grade  815.206.7702   tdoerrfeld@wcusd200.org
    Carlee Belt 2nd Grade     cbelt@wcusd200.org
    Elizabeth Insefjord 2nd Grade Dual Language (Spanish)  815.206.7704   einstefjord@wcusd200.org
    Amy Blalock 2nd Grade Dual Language (English)  815.206.7703   ablalock@wcusd200.org

    3rd Grade

    Kecia Griffin 3rd Grade  815.206.7708   kgriffin@wcusd200.org
    Maria Ines Ocampo 3rd Grade Dual Language (Spanish)  815.206.7713   mocampo@wcusd200.org
    Elizabeth Czajkowski 3rd Grade Dual Language (English)  815.206.7712   eczajkowski@wcusd200.org

    4th Grade

    Lorrie Wagner 4th Grade   815.206.7714   lwagner@wcusd200.org 
    Aleida Sepulveda 4th Grade Dual Language (Spanish)  815.206.7715   asepulveda@wcusd200.org
    Lauren McCorley 4th Grade Dual Language (English)  815.206.7712   lmccorley@wcusd200.org

    5th Grade

    Madison Ahsmann 5th Grade 815.206.7727   mahsmann@wcusd200.org
    Kathe Lacey-Anderson 5th Grade Dual Language (Spanish) 815.206.7729   klacey-anderson@wcusd200.org
    Shanon Laidig 5th Grade Dual Language (English) 815.206.7728   slaidig@wcusd200.org


    Jackie Anderson Physical Education 815.206.7746   janderson1@wcusd200.org
    Kaylie Stouffer Music & Chorus 815.206.7710   kstouffer@wcusd200.org
    Hugo Alcazar Pollan Music 815.206.7710   halcazarpollan@wcusd200.org
    Marisa Cincola Art 815.206.7748   mcincola@wcusd200.org
    Colleen Weinberger Library Media Specialist 815.206.7730   cweinberger@wcusd200.org
    Kerry Hughes Library Associate 815.206.7711   khughes@wcusd200.org
    Deb Schweihs Band 815.206.7731   dschweihs@wcusd200.org
    Jillian Forbes Orchestra 815.206.7731   jforbes@wcusd200.org

    Special Services

    Lisa Borchardt Learning Behavior Specialist 815.206.7726   lborchardt@wcusd200.org
    Lauren Regner Learning Behavior Specialist 815.206.7724   tortmann@wcusd200.org
    Marcy Buchanan  Inquiry Learning Specialist 815.206.7725   mbuchanan@wcusd200.org
    Maelyn Thornton Reading Specialist/Interventionist 815.206.7717   mthornton@wcusd200.org
    Crystal Christensen Reading Specialist/Interventionist 815.206.7701   cchristensen@wcusd200.org
    Kristin Thurow Social Worker 815.206.7737   kthurow@wcusd200.org
    McKenna Casey Social Worker 815.206.7738   mcasey@wcusd200.org
    Joy Fister Speech/Language Pathologist 815.206.7719   jfister@wcusd200.org
    Cathy Riley Psychologist 815.206.7738   criley@wcusd200.org
    Candace Butler Program Associate 815.337.8173   cbutler@wcusd200.org
    Roxana Nanez RtI Associate 815.206.7701   rnanez@wcusd200.org
    Amy Roeder RtI Associate 815.206.7701    aroeder@wcusd200.org
    Angelica Vidals Bilingual RtI Associate 815.337.7724   avidals@wcusd200.org
    McKayla Low Classroom Assciate 815.337.8173   mlow@wcusd200.org
    TBD Classroom Associate 815.337.8173    
    TBD Classroom Associate 815.337.8173    
    Nikki Kunde Instructional Coach 815.206.7718   nkunde@wcusd200.org
    Katie Vazquez Instructional Coach (Dual Specialist)  815.206.7718   kvazquez@wcusd200.org
    Tracy Jacobson Enrichment Coach 815.337.8173   tjacobson@wcusd200.org
    Eric Hardesty Gifted Facilitator 815.337.8173   ehardesty@wcusd200.org

    Food Services

    Deb Barnhill Food Services Manager 815.206.7744   dbarnhill@wcusd200.org
    Michelle Tucsek Food Services 815.206.7744    
    Diana Oclon Food Services 815.206.7744    

    Custodial Staff

    Jake Fritz Head Custodian 815.206.7743   jfritz@wcusd200.org
    Leo Cobos Rivera Night Custodian 815.206.7743   lcobosrivera@wcusd200.org
    Paul Zimmermann Night Custodian 815.206.7743   pzimmermann@wcusd200.org


    Paula Cross Lunch/Recess Associate      
    Jamie Porquillo Lunch/Recess Associate      
    Jaqueline Hagenow Lunch/Recess Associate      
    Mayra Carbajal Cruz Lunch/Recess Associate