Westwood Staff

    • You can call our main office at 815-337-8173 at any time during the school day.  
    • To email a staff member, see their email address in the far right column. 
    • To call a staff member, their direct line is listed in column 3 to the right of their name. 
      • However, if you are calling about a change in after school procedures, pick-up, or other time sensitive items that need to be communicated before the end of the school day, please call the main office.  Our teachers will check their voicemails & respond within 48 hours unless special circumstances arise, such as staff absences.
    • We have set up our phone system so that all direct Westwood staff phone numbers listed below will go straight to voicemail during the school day (between 7:10am-1:50pm) since we don't want our instructional time interrupted by outside phone calls.  So when trying to call a teacher, please call either before 7:10am or after 1:50pm.
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