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  • We will use these pages to provide daily updates for all students. There will be news and announcements from Mr. Hart or other staff members, and we will share information that is important for all families. You will also find copies of all of the grade level eLearning plans for each day.

Elementary eLearning Updates & Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Message from Superintendent Moan

  • Message from Superintendent Moan - April 2, 2020

    Dear District 200 Elementary School Families: 

    I would like to again thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time for all of us.  As you may be aware, Governor Pritzker has extended our school closure through April 30.  

    This week we have continued our eLearning instruction, and we are thrilled to see our teachers and students engaging with each other.  We will continue developing our eLearning plans in the coming weeks, and we appreciate the efforts from our students and our parents to stay active in education. 

    At this point the State of Illinois has cancelled all state assessments for this year.  Elementary school students will not be taking the Illinois Assessment of Readiness or the Illinois Science Assessment.  Our grading plan for eLearning is provided below,

    Grading System for Elementary Students 

    The Illinois State Board of Education has ordered that “students will not be required to master and will not be penalized for failure to master new content;” while this eLearning plan is in place.  

    At the elementary level students are assigned completion scores towards essential standards in reading, writing and math during our  remote learning and will receive a third trimester report on work towards these standards. 

    For the third trimester, students will receive a P for Passing a standard or I for an Incomplete educational experience with the standard.  Any students who are unable to complete work in the third trimester due to our remote learning will receive an Incomplete. At the end of the trimester, students will have eight weeks to complete work to turn the Incomplete into a passing grade. 

    Thank you.
    Mike Moan