End-of-Year Updates - Please Watch!

May 18 Message

  • Happy last week of school! There are no training modules, or Perspectives material to do this week. Instead, we will share the messages to students, and some photos and messages from parents. There will also be some “just for fun” materials posted.  We'll add links to new materials here, as they are posted.

    • I want to make sure I have my list for the 2 extra summer bus washers; even if we've talked, please send me a text if you’re interested. 
    • Just a reminder: Dean and Prairiewood drivers, your day is tomorrow, unless the weather isn't good.  I'll make that decision after the 5pm weather report. 

    I hope everyone is healthy, safe, and staying sane — but most of all, that this will end soon.  Have a great week, keep checking here for new postings and I'll be in touch.

May 7 - Videos for Staff - Please watch!

  • Please watch both videos below!


    Clipart image of washing a school bus

    The buses haven't been out in quite a while now!  We need to get them out on the road and check them out. Please watch the video below, with information about our plans for wrapping up the year.

    Clean Your Bus & Drive Your Route



    Clipart image of a cell phone selfie photo

    Need some ideas on how to create a selfie or video to say goodbye? Click the video link below and watch as Heather and Hannah present ideas on different ways to say goodbye to your awesome students!

    Selfie & Video Tips from Heather and Hannah

April 29 Message from Diane Carter

  • Clipart image of a message note: Important Information


    April 29, 2020

    Please click here to view a message from Diane Carter
    with important information for all Transportation staff members.


April 8 Message from Diane Carter

  • April 8, 2020

    TO: Rt Drivers, Sub Drivers and Associates                 

    1.800 MD

    Before we get to the training schedule I’d like to remind all employees who have District insurance that if you don’t have a doctor, can’t reach your doctor, or have medical questions, we have a resource you can use: 1.800 MD. See the tab on the left side of this page for more information about how to access and use this service.


    Here is an outline of how we will do E-training. The videos and questionnaires will work on your computer and should work on most phones.  If you have any problems, please make sure you let me know and I will work on getting you help. 

    The expectation is that all route drivers and route associates will complete each week's training. For sub drivers, each week will be approximately 5 hours or more of training time (effective week of April 13). You have a choice on whether you want to complete each week's training or not.  When we are able to go back to work, we will come in and give each bus a thorough deep cleaning – a little more than what we do at the end of the year. 

    Everything will be posted here, on our website. See the tabs at left for various pages.
    There will be links to all videos, websites, questionnaires and documents.

    Weekly training:

    1. Every Monday - click on Transportation Training and see what the training is for that week. Recheck it on Wednesday afternoons – additional lessons may be added.
    2. 3x Weekly - click on Perspectives EAP and follow directions below. Three (3) Perspectives modules will need to be done each week.  You can do more if you’d like; there is a wealth of information on the website.

    Perspectives EAP 
    (Please note: Perspectives worksheets will be available the week of April 13)

    Click on Perspectives EAP tab. Once it opens, click on “Resources For You & Your Family - Login."  
      • User name = woo500
      • Password = perspectives  

    • Click on "Continue to WorkLife Online," then:
    • 3x Weekly, log on and select one topic to read, webinar to listen to, or videos to watch (Each topic has multiple sub-topics) 

    After you're finished with the sub-topic, go back to our website and click on worksheet/questionnaire to fill out.  There are only 3 questions to answer.

    If you have any questions or problems with the training information, please call me. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.  Enjoy the time at home and I hope we will be back soon. Have a wonderful day!