Important Dates • Nov. 2021

  • Schedule

    • Thursday, Nov. 4
      Posting of all routes and extensions   

    • Monday,  Nov. 8, Tuesday, Nov. 9 & Wednesday, Nov. 10
      Route selection; will use Thursday, Nov. 11 if needed. Schedule will be posted by 11/4.

    • Thursday,  Nov. 11
      Veteran’s Day - Trial Run Day
      It’s a holiday and everyone that does the trial run will receive time and half for the hours worked that day. The full route can be done straight through; we will have people in the office from 6:30 am to 2:30 to help if you need it.

    • Friday, Nov. 12
      Trial Run if you were not able to do it on Thursday, 11/11.

    • Monday, Nov. 15
      First day of new school schedule

D200 Transportation Team - Our children & community appreciate you!

Oct 18 -22 is National School Bus Safety Week

  • Held during the third full week of October each year, National School Bus Safety Week is an active and evolving public education program reminding parents, students, teachers, motorists, and other interested parties to join forces and address the importance of school bus safety.

    District 200 is proud to acknowledge our excellent Transportation team. We appreciation your constant efforts and vigilance in keeping our students safe as they travel to and from school, games, meets, and events.

    Thank you, D200 Transportation!

    The theme of this year’s Safety Week is Be Safe – Know the Danger Zone.

     National School Bus Safety Week student poster contest winner

    The 2021 poster winner is Huyen Pham from Northbrook Middle School in Atlanta, GA.

    Click here for additional great safety tips from the National Association for Pupil Transportatin (NAPT).

Welcome to 2021-22! Message from Diane to All Staff


    WOW, can you believe we are about to start another school year and words like “pivot,” “fluid,” “at this moment in time,” “pre-COVID” and “because of COVID” are still in our vocabulary?  I had truly hoped that we would be back to “PRE-COVID NORMAL,” not that I’m even sure what that is anymore.  

    This year we are trying to get back to the District 200 Pre-COVID schedule. Unfortunately, there will be some “COVID Normal” thrown in.   So down to business…let another year begin! 

    Routes will be posted for review by Friday, July 30 and Route Selection will start on Wednesday, August 4.  The Driver’s Route Selection List and Associate Assignment List, showing date and time, will be posted here, on our website, soon (at, please make sure you arrive with plenty of time to look over the routes and be ready at your scheduled time to sit down and finalize the paperwork.  Associates, please be on site or call me at your designated time and we will discuss your assignment options.  Drivers and Associates, if you are not available at your selection time, please give me or your Union Rep a list of routes, numbered 1-5, and every effort will be made to honor your first choice. 

    ROUTES – they are being designed to follow the COVID recommendation that are in place at this moment in time, which means up to 49 students, plus the driver.  Because everything is still fluid there may be significant changes to the routes before the first day of school and after.  Lori is trying to keep the student load low enough for additions and/or drivers students riding the bus, but that is not always possible.  Please keep that in mind while you are looking over the routes.  Talk to Lori or me if you’re looking at a route with a heavy student load and there might be problems with your own children riding.  We will do everything within our power to accommodate your needs, but I can’t guarantee it.  So, if you have any questions regarding certain routes, talk to Lori or me prior to your selection time and we will try to answer all your questions.  MASKS will continue to be worn by students and drivers, regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated.  This is a mandate from the Governor, ISBE and the Health Department, NOT District 200.  With any luck it will change by the time school starts….here’s hoping!  I will talk about all the “COVID Normal” things that are remaining in place at our meetings in August. 

    The schedule for everything going on the weeks before school is still showing TENTATIVE; Admin needed WNHS Auditorium at the same time we were going to use it. 


    • Tuesday August 10th and Friday August 13th will be our meetings, 8am - 4pm, and the Refresher Class will be in the afternoons, 1pm – 3pm. The Refresher Class may be on just one of the two days, TBD when it is confirmed how many I can have in the auditorium at one time.  “FLUID” and “PIVOT”: those are the words that describe what I’m dealing with when setting up our meetings.  The dates shouldn’t change but the activities and location might. An agenda will be posted closer to the meeting dates. 
    • Thursday August 12th there is a District Mandatory Meeting for all drivers and associates at WNHS Auditorium 10am – 12pm; Trauma Training for all employees. 
    • Thursday August 12th – TRIAL RUN DAY. You will do your routes at scheduled times, with the exception of mid-day when you will be required to attend the District Mandatory Meeting, 10am-12pm. 

    IF, you cannot attend any of the dates listed, a personal day request will be required.  Per our contract, notification is required a minimum of 48 hours prior to requested day off.  Contact me as soon as you know you are not available to attend the mandatory meetings and if it is on the Refresher Class day, we will discuss your options.   

    For the last few weeks before school begins, I wish for every one of you all the relaxation and fun in the sun with family and friends you can handle.  ENJOY! 

    I look forward to another great year and seeing everyone soon!


    D200 transportation Employees are all Heroes! Thank  you so much!