Who do I contact?

  • Wondering who can help?

    Following are contact names and phone numbers for a number of people and programs frequently needed by our families. And of course, you can always contact us in the main office, and we will be happy to help!

    If you would prefer to download and/or print a copy of this information, please click here.


    Olson Logo


    Olson Elementary School
    720 W. Judd Street
    Woodstock, IL  60098


    OLSON SCHOOL OFFICE - 815-338-0473    Olson Attendance Line - 815-337-8620  •   Olson Fax Line - 815-338-8142  Outside view of Olson Elementary School

    Stephanie Watson, Principal

    Lydia Davis, Building Secretary

    Yami Salinas, Questions about attendance and tardies.

    • Questions about school events or school activities
    • Chromebook Replacement Plan - $30 annual
    • Changes in pick-up or drop off procedures for the day
    • To report an extended absence or vacation
    • Any questions about school procedures or policies
    • PTO questions or contact information
    • Concerns about school safety, climate, or current events
    • Information about school website
    • Contact information for staff members - voicemail contacts
    • Information or schedule for upcoming IEP meeting
    • Assistance with scheduling a conference or meeting with teacher(s)

    Please call the office with any other questions or concerns. As necessary we will direct your call.

    Contacting Teachers

    Call your child's teacher   815-338-0473

    You will be directed to the teacher’s classroom phone and/or to the voicemail.

    OR EMAIL YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER @wcusd200.org  [Click here to view our directory, which includes teacher names and email addresses] 

    Contact your child’s teacher for information about any of the following:

    • Math Curriculum and Resources
      • Homework
      • Understanding GoMath
      • GoMath On-Line Issues
    • Reading Curriculum and Resources
      • Homework
      • Understanding ReadyGen
      • ReadyGen On-Line Issues
    • Chromebook and Canvas Questions
      • Logging In
      • Concerns about functionality of chromebook
      • Accessing student programs
    • Classroom Volunteer Opportunities
      • Or other ways to be involved in school community
    • Understanding the academic data that is shared with me
      • Report Cards
      • MAP, ACCESS, PARCC, or APPLL reports
    • Learner Concerns and Behaviors
      • Motivation and Attention
      • Lost or missing supplies
      • Inability to complete school work
      • Organization

    Olson School Library & STEAM Lab 

    Bridget Harvey, Inquiry Specialist and Library Staff     815-338-0473

    • Questions about our library collection
    • Missing, lost, or overdue library books
    • Scholastic Book Fair questions or comments
    • STEAM Lab curriculum 
    • STEAM Lab contributions

    Olson Social Workers

    Ms. Kelly Sobieck, Social Worker   815-338-0473 

    Mrs. Amy Zeh, Social Worker  815-338-0473 

    • Information about social services in the community
    • Specific questions about social/emotional issues with your child
    • Concerns for emotional well being
    • Significant behavioral changes at home or at school
    • Concerns about comments, self-harm, injurious behavior
    • Significant family changes (e.g. divorce, death of a family member, loss of job, other stressors)

    Olson School Music Programs

    Mrs. Deb Schweihs, Band Director

    Ms. Jillian Forbes, Orchestra Director

    Mr. Hugo Alcazar, Olson Music Teacher and Choral Director

    • After school practice schedule and attendance
    • Concert or performance schedule
      • Where to go ~ When ~ What to wear
    • Expectations for student participation
    • Instrument rental and responsibilities
    • Contact Director if your child chooses to discontinue in these activities.

    Kids Club 

    Amy Kroyer, Director of Kids Club    815-338-0643

    Email: kidsclub@wcusd200.org

    • Kids Club availability
    • Issues at Kids Club with students or staff
    • Kids Club Schedule
    • Summer Kids Club Program
    • Enrollment Form

    Health Services

    Olson School Nurse

    • Jean Diamond, School Nurse

    District 200 Health Services Dept

    • Lisa Tate, Director of Health Services

    Health Services Website (www.woodstockschools.org/health)

    • Health concerns - Connecting with our health care providers
    • List of resources about health and wellness
    • Procedures for returning to school following an illness or injury
    • Accidents or injuries at school
    • Medication changes or any health updates

    Please see the Health Services Website for a list of healthcare resources in our community.


    Technology Dept District 200 Help Line     815-337-2155

    Email:  techsupport@wcusd200.org

    Please contact the Olson School office for any of these concerns and we will work with the Technology Dept to address the issues.

    • Damage to Chromebooks
    • Logging in to Canvas at home
    • Purchase of the Chromebook Replacement Plan
    • Lost or damaged Chromebook cases or cords

    Food Services 

    Colleen Roth, Olson Food Services Manager    815-206-7770

    Please contact Olson Food Service manager with any questions about breakfast or lunch service at Olson. You may also call the school with questions about Free and Reduced procedures.

    • Questions or concerns about breakfast or lunch service at Olson
    • Information about expectations for breakfast/lunch
    • Information about menu items or selection

    District 200 Food Services Dept
    Jackie McBride,
    Director of Food Services • 815-338-8166

    Please contact D200 Food Service directly if there are immediate concerns.

    • Questions or concerns about the monthly menu
    • Payment questions - Updated balance
    • Information about the Free and Reduced program

    Food Services Dept Website


    District 200 Transportation Dept    815-338-4777

    Mike Freeman, Director of Transportation

    Significant and urgent questions regarding your child’s transportation to or from  school may be addressed to the Transportation Dept.

    • Questions about the bus route and/or scheduled times
    • Long term changes in pick-up or drop off location 
    • Concerns about transportation safety

    Depending on the circumstances, a call to the school office may be made to address these issues, or you may call the Transportation Dept.

    • Issues on the bus with driver/students
    • Problems with your child’s seat on the bus
    • Concerns about the bus stop

    School Calendars

    The district-wide school year calendar for 2022-23 is posted at www.woodstockschools.org/calendar.

    Other Helpful McHenry County Resources

    • Non-Emergency Community Help 211
    • DCFS Hotline 800-252-2873
    • Crisis Line 800-892-8900
    • Turning Point (domestic violence assistance)  815-338-8081
    • Child Advocacy Center 815-334-9597
    • Options and Advocacy 815-477-4720