Clay Academy Staff

    • To contact a teacher, please use the email provided, or call our main office at 815-337-2529. You may leave a message in voicemail, or with an office staff member during class hours, and ask the teacher to return your call after school.

    • Please feel free to contact our main office at any time. We're available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 

    • For attendance calls, please use the attendance line at 815-337-8610.



    Email Address

    Dawn Cook


    Michelle Bohacz

    Principal’s Secretary

    Nadine Grismer

    School Nurse

    Cathy Abraham

    Speech/Language Therapist
    Jocelyn Bruns

    Head Custodian
    Jeremy Bower

    Middle/High School Teacher
    Catherine Cantwell

    Elementary Teacher
    Deb Fuller

    Middle/High School Teacher
    Brittany Hall

    Middle School Teacher
    Melvin Harris Student Interventionist

    Dawn Kraneman Counselor

    Cara Krzeski Elementary Teacher

    Kelly Mason

    Floater Teacher

    Terry Moses

    Student Interventionist
    Travis Mohr PE Teacher

    John Oslovich Middle/High School Teacher

    Theresa Pedersen Middle/High School Teacher

    Amy Perry School Psychologist

    Laurie Romanowski Occupational Therapist

    Beth Sarich Counselor

    Jamie Schroll

    Physical Therapist
    Mary Stewart

    Elementary Teacher
    Mark Tschappat

    Middle/High School PE & Health Teacher
    Nicole Wesolowicz

    Middle School Teacher