• Welcome to the Woodstock North Counseling Department

    • Phone: 815-334-2124
    • Fax: 815-334-2117      
    • See complete directory of all department staff in section below

    Hello and welcome, students and families.  The Student Service's staff at Woodstock North High School is here to offer our support with any student needs. Counselors and social workers can help provide social/emotional, academic, and career resources for students.  In addition, we can direct you to other specific community programs that your family may need. Please reach out via email or phone for assistance. 

    • See the section below for a directory of our staff members.

    • Also, be sure to check out our monthly newsletter, where you can get to know our staff, learn about available resources and programs, and get updates on important upcoming events, like testing dates.

    We're here to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Student Services Staff