Welcome to Kindergarten

  • VDELC logo Kindergarten in District 200 is a full-day program, held at the Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center, 2045 N. Seminary Avenue. 

    Please see information below for details about Kindergarten registration. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at 815-338-8883, or email Principal Tricia Bogott  at tbogott@wcusd200.org.

Kindergarten Registration for the 2022-23 School Year

  • Welcome to Kindergarten at Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center!

    To be eligible to attend Kindergarten during the 2022-23 school year, children must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2022.

    In addition to completing the online registration process, the following is required for all children new to District 200 (i.e., if your child did not attend D200 preschool, and has not been previously registered in this district).  

    • State law requires an original or certified copy of a birth certificate at the time of registration; your child will not be registered without one. Hospital certificates are not acceptable.
    • Proof of residency within D200 boundaries is required (driver’s license, utility bill, apartment lease, home ownership title or deed or automobile insurance).
    • Health requirements include current physical, vision and dental exams, prior to admission.

    Beginning on March 11, we will collect paperwork on school days between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Please come to Door #1. 
    We will make copies, and return your documents to you. 

    If you are unable to come during the hours indicated, please contact the school.

    Contact us at 815.338.8883 with any additional questions or concerns.

    Physical Exams, Dental Exams, Eye Exams and Immunizations

    Please click here for more information regarding required examinations, and to download forms.

    Early Entrance

    For information regarding early entrance to Kindergarten, please click here. 

Dual Language Kindergarten Registration

  • Parents who did not attend the mandatory Dual Language Kindergarten meeting on March 10, but who are still interested in the Dual Language program, should contact Bilingual Assessment Specialist Michelle Stilling for information about eligibility and registration.

    Michelle Stilling
    District 200 Bilingual Assessment Specialist 
    Parents of students selected for the Dual Language Program will be notified at the end of April. If there are more applications than spaces available in the Dual Language Kindergarten program, a lottery will be held to choose student participants.

Registration Links

  • Registration for 2022-23 Kindergarten students is now open.  Please use the links below.

Kindergarten Families who are registering in District 200 for the first time

    • Families who are new to District 200 (i.e., who have never previously registered a student in the district) will use the link below to access registration.

    • Please note, this online link is for KINDERGARTEN registration. ALL families interested in PreK registration must contact Verda Dierzen ELC directly at 815.338.8883 for the PreK screening and registration process.

    • Click here for new Student Registration

    • After new registrants have completed the basic registration information, further information is required for all new students (e.g., birth certificate, proof of residence, etc.) Please see the information in the section above about how to drop off paperwork at Verda Dierzen; or contact us at 815.338.8883, or via email (ldavis@wcusd200.org) with any questions.  

Kindergarten Families with children currently attending District 200

    • Families who have children currently in the district, who also have a new Kindergarten student entering the district for the first time in 2022-23, will be able to register their current child(ren) and then add their new K student to their profile, and register that student as well.

    • Families with children currently attending D200 will register via their Parent Portal.  

    • Click here to access portal log-in

    • If you are a current D200 family, but have questions about your Parent Portal account, please visit the Parent Portal page and follow the instructions, or contact us for assistance. 

    • Please note, this online link is for KINDERGARTEN registration. ALL families interested in PreK registration must contact Verda Dierzen ELC directly at 815.338.8883 for the PreK screening and registration process.