NCLB  Notifications

  • Federal Notifications

    Woodstock Community Unit School District #200 receives funds from the United States Government to support its educational mission. The following information is provided as per the requirements of the grants that support programs in the distirct. .  Please see the 2017-18 Parent and Student Handbook for a description of the educational programs and services offered in the district.


    Woodstock Community Unit School Distirct 200 received money in the form of Grants from the Federal Government.  This citation is designed to inform the public that the use of Federal dollars by the district meets the Stevens Amendment requirements.  Funding in whole or in part from these Federal dollars goes to support staff development opportunities, instructional materials and resources, and personnel.


    The No Child Left Behind Act  requires that we share with you the results of your District’s progress in meeting the Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO) for English Language Learners.  Districts are evaluated annually on three objectives:

    The percentage of students who make progress in learning English. 

    1. The percentage of students who become proficient in English 
    2. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for English Language Learners based on student test participation, graduation, attendance, and achievement in reading and math.

    Title III-funded districts must meet all three objectives in order to meet the Title III annual measurable achievement objectives.  

    During 2011-2012 school year Woodstock Community Unit School District did not meet the State-set targets for Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives for English Language Learners.  You may view the District’s Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives data by clicking the following link.  (2011-2012 AMAO Report)

    The District welcomes your ideas about improving the quality of education for our children.   

    If you would like more information about your District’s performance, please contact the Department of Language and Culture (815-334-3406).



    2007-2008            Eligible Students  = 0        Transfered Students = 0

    2008-2009            Eligible Students = 0          Transfered Students = 0

    2009-2010            Eligible Students = 0           Transfered Students = 0

    2010-2011            Eligible Students = 1136     Transfered Students = 2        

    2011-2012            Eligible Students = 1765     Transfered Students = 0  

    2012-2013            Eligible Students = 2154      Transfered Students = 0    

    No Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 schools are available for Public School Choice during the 2012-2013 as per the guidelines established by the US Department of Education for this program.  As per the requirements of the law, we have contacted neighboring districts to request that they provide us with a school we can offer you as an option.  No school district has agreed to do so this school year.   



    2007-2008            Eligible Students  = 0        Participating Students= 0

    2008-2009            Eligible Students  = 0        Participating Students= 0

    2009-2010            Eligible Students  = 0        Participating Students= 0

    2010-2011            Eligible Students  = 0        Participating Students= 0

    2011-2012            Eligible Students  = 582      Participating Students= 73

    2012-2013           Eligible Students =  729        Participating Students = 127

    The following Supplemental Educational Services Providers have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to provide services to Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 for the 2012-2013 school year.

    1:1 Online Tutoring Services - Services provided online

    24:7 Online Education - Services Provided Online

    Academic Achievement - Services provided onsite at Mary Endres Elementary

    Achieve High Points - Services provided online

    The Achievement Academy - Services provided at Mary Endres Elementary

    ATS Project Success - Services provided online

    Babbages Net School - Services provided online

    Chi Tutorz - Services provided online

    Gateway Center for Education  - Services provided onsite at Prairiewood Elementary 

    Grade Plus tutors - Services provided online

    Grade Crashers - Services provided online

    Innovation - Services rovided online

    McHenry Sylvan - Services provided at McHenry Sylvan