Budget & Reports

  • District 200’s fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. A tentative budget is presented in August of each school year and a public hearing and formal action by the Board of Education take place in September. The preparation, adoption and action on the school district’s budget, however, is actually a year-long process involving multiple levels of input and decision-making from staff members, administrators, and the Board of Education. 

    Each school year's budget is based upon the educational goals of the school district and the financial goals of the Board of Education. Input from the public on how school tax dollars are spent is welcomed at board meetings, public hearings and the Board’s budget workshop.
    District 200 has been awarded seventeen consecutive Certificates of Excellence in Financial Reporting. In addition, District 200’s finances regularly achieve the highest level of financial recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education which ranks the financial health of public school districts.