Building Use

  • District 200 supports the use of school facilities by community organizations during non-school hours provided that the activity does not interfere with any school function, the safety of students or employees, or affect the property or liability of the school district.  Rental costs and guidelines for usage are explained in detail on the board-approved Building and Equipment Utilization and Rental Fee Schedule.

    All use requests must be submitted at least 10 days in advance to the Director of Buildings and Grounds on the Building Use Request Form.  Requests require the approval of both the principal and Director of Buildings and Grounds.  Users must also provide proof of insurance and Assurance of Indemnification (AED) if conducting physical activities.
    District 200-sponsored activities and events take precedence over all other requests for use.  Persons on school premises must abide by District 200’s conduct rules at all times. 

    For information on rental of D200 buildings and equipment see:

    For information on rental of the Woodstock Performing Arts Center (WPAC) located at Woodstock North High School, please visit the Woodstock Performing Arts Center webpage.

    If you have questions, please contact the Department of Buildings & Grounds at 815-338-3397, or email Buildings & Grounds Secretary Lisa Furst at