Physical Education Exemption

  • D200 Physical Education Exemption Policy

    It shall be the policy of District 200 that students in grades 11 and 12 may request exemption from physical education for the following reasons:

    1. The student requests exemption and is determined to be participating in interscholastic athletics or the marching band as certified by the athletics/activities director: i.e. the student is on the eligibility roster.

    2. The student provides written evidence to the principal that a specific course is required for admission to an institution of higher learning to which the student intends to apply.  The school district staff must verify that the student’s present and proposed schedule will not permit completion of the needed course unless the student is exempted from physical education.

    3. The student lacks enough course credit for one or more courses required for graduation.  Students who have failed required courses, transferred into the district with deficient credits, or who lack credits due to other causes will be eligible to apply for this exemption.

    PE Exemption Guidelines

    • Who is eligible? 
      Students in grades 11 and 12 who participate in interscholastic athletic programs or marching band may be exempt from any PE class during the season of the sport, except for Dual Credit (DC) PE classes, which are not eligible for a PE exemption.

    • How long does the exemption last?
      PE exemptions last for the IHSA approved season (fall, winter, or spring). They begin when practices start and end when the last competition of the season is over.  In the event that the student is removed or quits the program, the student will immediately return to his/her scheduled PE class.

    • Where will I go in place of PE?
      During a PE exemption, students will be assigned to a study hall along with their PE class.

    • How do I request an exemption?
      Complete and submit the Physical Education Exemption Form. The last date to request an exemption for a season is one week after the sport begins. For sports that have limited enrollment, exemptions will not start until the final teams have been determined. 
      Click here for the PE Exemption Form

    • Can I add in an additional class because of my PE exemption?
      Sports seasons do not correspond to our semester structure, so a PE exemption will not last an entire semester. Therefore, students will not be able to add a semester-long class instead of PE.

    • How is my grade calculated?
      During the exemption, students will receive a “P” (passing) grade. Upon completion of the season, students must return to their PE class. The semester grade of “P (passing)/F (failing)” will be issued for the time the student attended their PE class.