• Finding a career path takes time, self-reflection, research, and experiences. We are here to help as you start this journey!


    Mrs. Thomas is our College & Career Facilitator and can help you explore your options.

    Career/Job Resources

    How do I find a career that is right for me? 

    1. Assess yourself 

    •  XELLO is our career research program. Take quizzes on your interests, skills, values and personality to explore careers that match who you are. Find XELLO in our WCUSD200 Bookmarks. Students meet with their counselors each year to complete XELLO activities. 

    2. Explore 

    • Review the Illinois Career Guide to learn about career pathways, in-demand careers, and appropriate classes!
    • XELLO provides comprehensive information about countless careers. Research responsibilities, training, salary, and even employee interviews within XELLO.
    • Take courses that spark your interest or support the careers you are considering! Research our classes in our curriculum guide. Need more suggestions? See your counselor!
    • Talk with individuals in your field of interest! Ask to job shadow, volunteer, or even apply for entry-level positions! 

    3. Train 

    • Research and enroll in appropriate education programs for your career (trade school, technical school, college, apprenticeship, military)

    4. Build your resume

    •  Start a resume now and add your experiences and education as you prepare for your job application and interview!