• Following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the District's remote learning plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I request help with Remote Learning?

  • What will Remote Learning look like?

  • How will my students be graded and assessed during Remote Learning?

  • How will attendance be tracked?

  • What if my student is unable to attend Remote Learning?

  • How will Remote Learning look for our Dual Language and English learners?

  • How can my child get IEP & 504 supports?

  • How will Remote Learning look for my special needs student who is in Self-Contained, Life Skills, Target Program, etc.?

  • What are the expectations of students?

  • Will the district still provide food service during the period for Remote Learning?

  • How does my student receive help with their chromebook or other technology? 

  • Is the district offering any assistance with WiFi connectivity?

  • What is the status of athletics and after school activities?