4th Grade

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    Learning to play an instrument is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop discipline, commitment, responsibility and teamwork skills, as well as learning more about music. It is an enjoyable activity that helps to develop self-confidence, and an expressive outlet that students can carry on through their lives. The Orchestra program begins in 4th grade and continues throughout middle school and high school.

    The Orchestra Handbook linked on this page includes detailed information about orchestra and how to get started. Families will also find forms and documents; and weekly updates of what our students are learning throughout the year.  

    Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Forbes or Mr. Viveros with any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to 4th Grade Orchestra!

Handbook, Forms & Documents


    The Handbook contains information about instruments, registration, lessons, rehearsals and practice;
    as well as the expectations for orchestra students, and performance dates for the current school year.
                          Image of two cellos
    It is a good idea to keep the handbook handy, as we will refer back to it frequently throughout the year.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the information in this document feel free to email Ms. Forbes at jforbes@wcusd200.org

    2023/2024 Handbook



    Recently a letter was sent home about after school orchestra; the first page with transportation information needs to be filled out by a Guardian and returned to your student's teacher's mailbox as soon as possible! The second page is a list of all after school orchestra dates for the year and should be kept for personal records. If this document is misplaced on the way home, an extra copy can be accessed HERE! 

    Big Buddy Program

    The Big Buddy Program is a unique opportunity offered in Woodstock. This program connects younger orchestra members with high school mentors. This High School Orchestra student serves as a practice buddy for the younger musician through a weekly meeting. The success rate among students who have participated in this program has been exponential and we strongly urge you to participate. Please  click here to access big buddy information for the 23-24 school year!

Orchestra Updates