Academic Support

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    At Woodstock North we strive to empower our students to advocate for their academic needs. If a student is struggling in a class, the first course of action is to communicate with the teacher. Many of our teachers are available before or after school to assist their students. It is recommended that the student set up an appointment with their teacher, as many teachers have responsibilities outside of the school day.  


Academic Support

  • #1 Talk to your teachers! Set up a Google Meets or individual appointment to get extra help. 

    Still need help? Check out these resources!

    ASAP - After School Assistance Program        

    • Meets: Thursdays, 3:35-4:30 p.m.
    • Focus will be on assisting struggling students with assignment comprehension, skill review, and mastery of content in English and math courses.
    • Students can be referred to ASAP by their teachers, but also can self-refer.

    Peer Tutoring

    • Coordinators: Hurless & Wiebe
    • Meets: Monday-Friday during students’ scheduled study hall periods, includes zero hour, too (based on tutor availability)
    • Starting early September
    • Volunteer student tutors will be available for one-on-one tutoring in the LRC during the regular school day to help struggling students with assignment comprehension and skill development.
    • Students requesting a peer tutor should fill out/submit a Peer Tutor Request form.

    EXCEL Study Hall - 9th Grade

    • Small supportive study hall for credit
    • Students are assigned based on academic needs.
    • Students recieve additional tutoring and social/emotional support. 
    • See your counselor for more information.

    EXCEL Study Hall - 10th Grade

    • Small supportive study hall for credit
    • Students are assigned based on academic needs in Geometry.
    • Students receive additional tutoring from a math teacher.
    • See your counselor for more information.

    Blended Algebra/Algebra II

    • Credit bearing support class for Algebra or Algebra II
    • Meets before or after school, based on student needs
    • Teachers review/preview materials taught in class and provide time for extra help.
    • Students are evaluated for the support class each semester. 
    • Primarily for students who have gaps in key concepts in math.
    • Students making progress, may not need to meet each day.
    • See your counselor for more information

    Khan Academy :

    • Free online lessons for all classes and SAT test prep

    AP Classroom: My AP

    • Free online course material specifically designed to enhance student learning in AP courses. 

WNHS Interventions - Ways that we can help!

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