National Scholarships

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Where to look for scholarships?

  • Scholarships (merit or gift aid) can be obtained from many sources from parent or student employers to national organizations.  An effective scholarship search includes investigating opportunities at ALL of the following levels:

    National Scholarships

    Students can find national scholarship opportunities by registering with a free Internet database.  The student will receive an email listing scholarship opportunities that fit the student’s profile.  Examples include:

    College Specific Scholarships

    These are scholarships available to students enrolling in a specific college.  Students should check with the Financial Aid Office at each school where they apply.  There are also some scholarships available to Illinois students attending Illinois schools.  These can be found at:

    Regional Scholarships

    We use this category to describe the scholarships that are available to McHenry County and surrounding areas.  We include these scholarships on our District 200 scholarship page. Students should check this website periodically for updates. The scholarships may be provided by local organizations or individuals. Additionally, the McHenry County Community Foundation announces some specific regional scholarships. 


    McHenry County College has additional resources regarding financial aid 

    • Information about types of financial aid:
    • Information on how financial aid is determined: