College Planning Resources

Searching for Colleges

  • How do I look for colleges, trade schools and/or training programs?       Sign "College Just Ahead"


    Here are some search tools to help: 

    • Xello - rank what is most important to you and find a school that meets that criteria
    • - narrow down your search by selecting various characteristics of a school 
    • - see your chances of getting in
    • - college match based on “school fit” 

    What to consider?  How do I choose?

    Think about whatever is most important to you:

    Program, location, financial aid, major, graduation rate, size, campus safety, housing options, diversity, reputation, activities, sports, job placement, freshmen return rate, religious affiliation, cost to travel home … does it feel like home?

    Reach (Dream) School
    - a very selective school or where your academics fall in the lower end of the average range for their student population. These schools might be long shots, but should still be possible. 

    Match School - your academics fall within the college’s average. While there is no guarantee of admission, it is likely to be accepted. 

    Safety School  - your academics exceed that of the college’s first year students.  

    Apply to as many colleges as you feel is necessary. However, it is recommended that you apply for at least two match and two safety schools (in addition to any reach schools).

College Visits

  • College Visits

    Visiting a college is an important step in selecting a school. It is never too early to start looking at programs and colleges. Often, the college visit will leave students with an impression that greatly affects their college choice. 

    Juniors are permitted two absences for college visits, and seniors are permitted three absences for college visits. To be excused, at least two days' advance notice is required (to the attendance office) and the visit must be verified by official documentation, such as a signed letter. (Brochures, pamphlets, parking permits, letter of invitation, etc. are NOT considered official documentation.) 

    Students must obtain a college visit form from the counseling office prior to the visit. 

    Make the most of your college visit: College Visit Checklist