Social/Emotional Support

  • Counselors and social workers support student social/emotional needs by providing short-term interventions and counseling. We connect students with appropriate outside agencies when more frequent or intensive support is needed. 

Group Counseling

  • Group counseling is a positive, confidential environment for students to process specific concerns with support of peers. Groups: 

    • Provide support 
    • Provide a sounding board 
    • Promote social skills 
    • Teach you about yourself

    Groups meet weekly, during rotating class periods, often for 6-8 weeks. Students are responsible for any class material that he/she may miss during group time.

    Students can be referred to a group by the following: self-referral, parent, teacher, or counselor. For more information on the groups offerred, or to refer your student, please contact his/her school counselor. 

Counseling Groups at WNHS

  • The following groups have been offered at Woodstock North. Not all groups may be currently active. Please contact the counseling office for more information. 

    Art/Coping - For any student managing stress and emotions. This group will incorporate art and crafts as a coping strategy. 

    Alcohol & Drug  - For students who are engaging in high risk behaviors. In this group, students discuss feelings, education, and intervention. 

    COSAP - For students of substance-abusing parents. This is an educational group to help students understand chemical dependency. 

    Girl Talk - For girls managing anxiety or depression. In a group, students will process their anxiety or depression and learn coping skills. 

    Grief - For anyone dealing with a loss. During group, students discuss their grief and learn about the grief process and coping strategies. 

    Let's Talk - For any student. This group supports students experiencing conflict with their parents or caregivers at home. 

    Maintenance Group - Post-hospitalization group is designed to be a small group of students who have experienced an extended absence due to a hospitalization within the past year.  The goal of the group is to broaden the students' support systems and reinforce the use of healthy coping strategies.  The weekly group provides a check-in and an opportunity for students to express themselves in a safe setting.​

    Tru Thought Group - For any student. Corrective thinking & processing group. 

    Newcomers Group - For all new students to Woodstock North High School. This group is an opportunity to get acclimated to WNHS and learn about resources.

WNHS Interventions - Ways that we can help!

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