Energy Reduction in D200

  • District 200 is continuously striving to be a responsible energy consumer, and to make decisions that support reducing consumption and protecting our environment.

    All D200 buildings participate in a monthly “power hour” during which all non-essential energy-consuming items are turned off.

The Great Energy Reduction Challenge

  • The Great Energy Reduction Challenge is a competition among schools who compete to win $500 by demonstrating a reduction in electrical, waste, gas, and water usage.

    Additional recognition will be earned by schools who successfully encourage staff and family members to reduce as well. 

    Following are suggestions for ways to make a difference:

    • Use the newspaper dumpsters at each school to collect paper produces and cardboard. This earns the building money, while also reducing waste that goes to landfills out of the county.  At home, recycle newspapers, glass and cans.
    • Only use lights when absolutely necessary
    • Turn off computers and other electrical devices when not in use
    • Unplug appliances, including vending machines, over vacations and weekends if not in use
    • Use programmable devices to turn off lights and reduce heat/cooling
    • Take shorter showers
    • Water early in the morning or in the evening to reduce evaporation
    • Increase the number of power hours at your building
      Participate in waste-free lunches, TREX Challenge and locker cleanouts
    • Construct a compost or worm bin for organic waste