• We are excited to introduce the WHS Writing Center!  This program is for ALL 9th-12th-grade students. Starting September 5th, the WHS Writing Center is open for student appointments. The Writing Center is located in the LRC, left of the main desk. It will be staffed by an English teacher from 7:30-8:15 in the morning and from 3:30-4:30 in the afternoon each Wednesday and Thursday
    Students are also welcome to walk in, though they will be placed behind students with appointments. The Writing Lab is a great place for students to get help with the following areas:
    • College application letters  

    • Scholarship essays

    • Student essay corrections

    • Revisions of writing

    • RTI

    • Grammar corrections

    • Resume assistance

    • Any writing assignment, project, or activity 

    Please use the Writing Center as frequently as possible.  We appreciate your support in making the WHS Writing Center a successful opportunity for students who need it. 
    Great News! This year the Writing Center is also accepting submissions online! If you cannot make it to an appointment in person, you can upload an assignment for our tutors to look over. 
    To use this option, please follow the directions on the appointment screen to include a link to a Google Doc. The Document you link should feature both the writing prompt (the assignment) and your draft. When linking, it is important you follow the instructions on the scheduling page or the tutor will not be able to access your document. It would also help if you could note specifically what you would like the tutor to focus on when reading the assignment---for instance, the use of evidence or effectiveness of the introduction. Please note that tutors will not edit your paper---they will comment on general issues with specific suggestions, not correct grammar errors. 
    Appointments in person are still the best option, but if you can't make the posted times, now you have another option!
    Mrs. Keogh-Baker:
    Wednesday afternoon, 3:30-4:30
    Thursday morning, 7:30-8:15
    Mrs. Phillips:
    Wednesday morning, 7:30-8:15
    Thursday after school 3:30-4:30