Student of the Month

  • Each month students are selected by our WHS Staff to reward students who contribute to WHS on a daily basis without being asked. With this honorable recognition, each nominated Blue Streak and their families are invited to the Blue Streak Breakfast, along with their photo placed throughout the school and media.
    The four core components of this recognition include:

    • Attendance - Minimal excused absences and NO unexcused absences or suspensions

    • Academics - Above a C average (or has shown significant improvement)

    • Attitude - Overall positive attitude, considered to be an asset to the class

    • Citizenship - Goes above and beyond expectations within the classroom


    April 2019 Student of the Month Winners

    April 2019

    Front Row (left to right): Jordan Watson, Amelia Ferrarini, Brooke Tromotola
    Middle Row: Aitzel Vanessa Valencia Gonzalez, Katrina Schubert, Itzel Orozco Mireles
    Back Row: Brendan Matthes, Aidan Mayer

    March 2019 Student of the Month Winners

    March Student of the Month

    Front Row (left to right): Cristian Ruiz, Lauren Toepper, Lili Duran Montero, Sarah Marcum
    Middle Row: Harrison Saville, Jose Paredes, Katie Sevcik
    Back Row: Aiden Mayer, Liam Mickle

    February 2019 Student of the Month Winners

    February 2019

    Front Row (left to right): Maria Esquivel, Madison Kentgen, Ireland Dunnett
    Middle Row: Caleb Castillo, Katie Balino, Juel Mecklenburg
    Middle Back Row: Sam Vidales, Meghan Nixon
    Back Row: Danny Cubert, Julio Arellano  

    January 2019 Student of the Month Winners

    January 2019

    Front Row (left to right): Karla Bedoya, Amber Stell, Delaney Peterson
    Middle Row: Daisy Miranda, Nathaniel Rojas
    Back Row: Matthew Gray, Nolan Adams

    December 2018 Student of the Month Winners

    December 2018

    Front Row (left to right): Autumn Brown, Lucia Alcazar, Xitlali Urbina, Emily Garcia-Ortiz
    Middle Row: Emily Albrecht, Lauryn Hahn, Kevin Martinez
    Back Row: Evan Emch, Tyler Butler 


    November 2018 Student of the Month Winners

    November Student of the Month

    Front Row (left to right): Katlyn Schillinger, Riya Virani
    Middle-Front Row: Madison Martinez, Kayla Martinez, Emma Dorn
    Middle-Back Row: Alex Baumgarten, Elisha Gallosa, Johan Ortega
    Back Row: Ryan Azzaline, Evan Fiorina


    October 2018 Student of the Month Winners

    October Student of the Month Winners

    Front Row (left to right): Vivian Broughton, Rosa Amezcua-Duenas
    Middle Row: Jennifer Sanchez, Katie Balino Garcia, Valarie Beretta
    Back Row: Garrett Swan, Riley McKenzie
    Not Pictured: Jesus Sanchez, Nichole Piquette, Jaylen Jones


    September 2018 Student of the Month Winners

    August 2018 Student of the Month

    Front Row (left to right): Lauren Jacobs, Valerie Parker, Courtney Richter, Eden Janiga
    Back Row: Lindsey Bartkowiak, Amy Keyzer, Javier Alanis, Quinn Thornton, Sarah Meale
    Not Pictured: Jeremiah Taylor